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Embed a videoask in an email

You can share your videoasks in a variety of ways: by embedding them in your website as a widget or in an iframe, sharing them directly by text message or on social media with a link, or sending them in the body of an email.

To send out a videoask to a list of existing contacts, you can add a videoask to the body of an email or newsletter with a snippet of HTML code. This will embed the videoask in your email as an animated gif and link.

Using an email marketing tool instead? Check out this article on how to embed a videoask using your email marketing tool.


Note: Email clients like Gmail or Outlook don't currently allow a true embed of video content. Because of this, when you embed a videoask in an email it will be a partial embed with a visual of a video that cannot be played inside the email message. This means that when recipients click on a videoask in an email they'll be directed to a new tab to view and interact with it

Embed a videoask in an email

You can quickly generate the email embed code for each of your videoasks and paste it into the body of your email, or in the code editor if your email has one.


Log in to your VideoAsk account and select the videoask you want to embed. Click the Share & Embed icon.



Click Send via email.



Click Copy embed code.



In your email, paste the code directly into the body of the email. For Gmail, this can be done in the email editor.


For other tools, such as Intercom, you may need to use the email's HTML editor.


Add contact variables 

If you're sending the email to just one person you can add their contact details as variables. Passing the contact information this way means the person receiving your videoask won't have to enter their contact details, but you'll still see that the videoask response came from them.


Before copying the embed code, toggle on Add contact variables.



Enter your contact's name and email.



Click Copy embed code and paste it into the body of your email.


The contact information you just entered has now been added as variables to the videoask URL in the embed code. So your recipient won't have to enter their contact details, but you'll still know that the videoask is from them.

💡 Tip: You can also pass the variables into the overlay text for a more personalized experience. 

Note: If you're sharing your videoask via email from your iPhone, make sure you first connect your email account to your native iPhone Mail app

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